Camilla Stein is a science fiction writer, author of the Space Scrapers series and Gaia’s Children. She is a multilingual specialist with degrees in Humanities, Linguistics and Education. She also holds a certificate in Herbal Medicine and is an apprentice in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Among her favorite science fiction authors are such renowned masters as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury; she is also closely familiar with and holds high works of prominent Russian sci-fi writers such as Kir Bulychev, brothers Strugatskies and Alexander Belyaev, and Japanese sci-fi novelists, manga, anime and screenplay writers namely Sakyo Komatsu, Takumi Shibano and many others. Camilla Stein has a particular affinity for Flash Sci Fi. At present, she is working on a series of short sci fi stories, a new sci fi novel, a non-fiction book and a war novel. She has a special relationship with haiku and is a member of WHC (World Haiku Club) Multimedia division. Camilla also writes on other subjects such as autism and social issues. Her passion today is literature and cinematography – she does film and book reviews, and interviews film industry professionals. Camilla’s favorite quote is the one by Leo Buscaglia, PhD; “A single rose can be my garden, a single friend my world.”

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