Free Walkers – an ancient alien monastic order that follows a particular code as written in Scrolls that date back to the beginning of the Walkers’ first Gathering. Free Walkers are originally of a dwarf humanoid race from an outer leg of the Milky Way. Their compatibility with humans remains unknown, and their culture and mentality differs from ours. That, however, doesn’t stop humans from joining the order on occasion. Free Walkers live in disguise, often doing things other races in the galaxy consider unworthy (‘The Legend of Tal’). The order has a secret stash of weapons and armor, including highly advanced FTL starships that rival with the Guard. Somewhat of the outsiders, Free Walkers eventually come around (‘In Defiance’).

Alpha-Persei – a humanoid race, one of the oldest in the Milky Way. Alpha-Persei civilization is being claimed by a rare genetic disease, aparently not of their own doing. Is there a cure? Who is behind the plague? Read about it in ‘Return to Timbuktu’. Whether Alpha-Persei are genetically compatible with humans, remains to be seen.

Andromedusans – inhabitants of the Andromeda galaxy. Amphibian humanoid race, they have a short life span and possess a blood chilling recycling technology. Read all about it in ‘Mission to Seta Prime’. They are genetically compatible with humans.

Tarusians – an extinct civilization, former inhabitants of the Sagittarius galaxy. Their galaxy had been destroyed prior to the events in Space Scrapers, resulting in a gigantic black hole in the heart of the cluster. Artifact retrieval is extremely difficult and dangerous in the area. The Guard keeps an eye on the perimeter and sends envoys from time to time, but usually to no avail. Tarusians became a myth that circulates in space now – that until Ava finds a peculiar artifact that sheds some light onto the lost civilization. All that and more in ‘Tarusian Flux’.

Meltdowners – humans, affected by the post-war radiation poisoning that altered their neural pathways to the point of no return. The Guard was late to help them. Meltdowners couldn’t be hooked on the Wire and couldn’t be reintegrated into society. As a result, they became mutants with their own territory and their own ways of dealing with problems. Central Command considers them a high risk to the state. Meltdowners are on a race against the clock. What are they after? Answers are inside Space Scrapers.

The Makers – an alien non-humanoid race of highly intelligent self-sustained beings from another Universe. Their Universe consists of a different kind of space, linked to ours by ways of an artificially created vortex. The Makers are corporeal creatures, but are wired differently. They possess remarkable skills and technology (‘Terra Antipodes’, ‘Nagasaki Expanse’, ‘Hour One’). They aren’t very diplomatic, but have abilities that can be of use to humans. In return, they seek allies to reinforce their position and help them in solving an internal crisis. But don’t be fooled! They aren’t what they seem at the first encounter.

Shadows – The Makers’ sub-race of beings who now have mutated into unrecognizable malignant creatures. Shadows seek to expand their space, looking for ways to survive in human Universe. They are a hazard to space traffic, as much as to all organic life forms – Shadows feed on them.


Camilla Stein ©2011. All rights reserved.
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