Shakespeare, the robot

Today, I watched a new cartoon. I thought I had seen them all, until I found this one. My caretaker has a library of cartoons on one of his crystals. He is a collector.

Jokes attract me. I am not yet sure how to classify them, but they all have a similar structure, and when a yellow square body opens his mouth, his words always fit the paradigm. I think it is curious. I told my caretaker this – he thinks my matrix needs an upgrade. What can I say? I only recently learned to ask grammatically correct questions.

I did not write poetry until I was two. One day when I was scrubbing the floor, I found a way to synchronize syllables in a sentence. My matrix registered an increased illumination of my bulbs when that happened. My energy output doubled. I suppose humans would call my increased power flow “joy.”  Since then, I have written many such sentences.

Tomorrow is a big day. My caretaker is flying out of the Galaxy again – something very serious this time – and he wants me to stay with his friend. He does not like leaving me alone. She is nice, and she writes haiku! I do not know if it is a part of my original matrix or a later system glitch, but I always wanted to learn about haiku. So far I have only mastered sonnets and odes. They are not time efficient and I am thinking to discontinue the practice. There have also been complaints from the neighbors in our habitat ring.

I did not tell you… My matrix was initialized five years ago. I was assembled one of many common kitchen robots, popular choices for wedding and birthday gifts. We do not require individual designations, but my caretaker has given me a name: I am Shakespeare.

Camilla Stein ©2011. All rights reserved. Image courtesy: Julien Tromeur.
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